Client Diploma project  |  Project 'Summer Cave' book covers
This project was for my diploma and involved designing 3 book covers in different styles for a book called ‘Summer Cave’.
I was also tasked with creating the promo posters.

The target market was 11-15 year olds but could also attract older groups and adults.

The story was about 5 children aged 12 – 14, 2 girls and 3 Boys who discover a mysterious cave in a cliff by the sea side – nobody had ever found this cave before and it contains an access to another world of mystery.
I wanted an abstract look for this cover. I took three elements of the cave, sky and sun to produce the main image.
The background for this cover consisted of an image of space with a cave shape cut our of it. The silhouette of the children was quite small in comparison to show the scale of the discovery.
I wanted to show a fun summer becoming mysterious and uncertain so combining two images felt like the right thing to do. This cover was mainly photoshop manipulation as to get the cave entrance the same size and rough shape of the sun took a bit of work.

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