Client Self promo  |  Project 'Coastview Brewery' beer bottle packaging
This was another self promotion project for myself.

I live in Leigh on Sea so I wanted to instil a coastal, fishing town vibe into the packaging into my project so created the icons to reflect that. I also took the photos of the fishing boats that were used on the packaging in Leigh Old Town.

The blue rope around the top of the bottle was functional as it held the outer paper wrap in place but it also replicates the rope used for fishing nets. The knot I used to tie it to the bottle was an actual fishing knot.

The name 'Coastview' helped carry the letters 'CV', to give the recipient an idea of what the beer was in aid of. No38 was my age at the time.

The content was a craft Pale Ale which I spent 2 months brewing at home. I toyed with the idea of buying a well known beer but felt it would be cheating.

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